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File: CraftBuster10-08-17
Thanks for the report! And the vide...
Posted By: VahnRPG
Thanks for the report! And the video, very helpful! I'll try and reproduce it and see what's up. You did the whole 'reset your WTF folders' and that fun, right?
File: CraftBuster06-15-13
I mean a databroker icon that displ...
Posted By: LordVashtal
I mean a databroker icon that displays in a databroker display addon, were we could toggle the display of the addon. Not trying to be obtuse, but I have no idea what you're talking about. Example? The profession skill level frame has a toggle button to hide/show the frame, and the minimap button has menus to control what data to sh...
File: CraftBuster05-21-13
Re: Databroker
Posted By: LordVashtal
2 things that would make this AddOn great for me would be a databroker plugin and the ability to hide the mouse button. I really like the tooltips in this but I can't stand having buttons around my minimap. I'll take a look at what I can do to toggle the minimap tooltip info. What do you mean a databroker plugin?
File: WStaticBar01-29-09
Re: Button animations
Posted By: LordVashtal
Originally posted by danoconnell I think your add-on is a bonus to the interface. There seems to be no animations on the buttons though. The buttons are a bit grayed out and you can't see which spell is active and which is cooling down. This is a great mod but it is hard to use with these issues. Okay, sweet, glad you like it....
File: WhammyBar11-23-08
The consumable bar will show some q...
Posted By: LordVashtal
The consumable bar will show some quest items, and I'm working on a quest-item-specific bar that will do it proper. You'd be certainly more than welcome to make your own bar, however :D
File: WhammyBar11-02-08
Re: Little confused
Posted By: LordVashtal
Originally posted by Eas Ok.... this looks really cool from what I'm getting. Is this kind of like an autobar thing? I read the description, and I'm not sure I get quite what it does. >.< Sorry to be a pain. No, that's perfectly fine. It functions similar to XBar in that it displays pre-defined buttons in their own bars that can...
File: WhammyBar11-02-08
0.44a: - Fixed dragging using the...
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0.44a: - Fixed dragging using the toggle button
File: XBar10-05-08
Re: Re: one more bar please?????
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Originally posted by Tezaro Edit: I also found this other bar that apparently combines the portals and teleports. It seems this one already includes theramore and stonard. XTelePortalBar - http://wow.curse.com/downloads/details/13019/ And this last one has nothing to do with Portals, but it is for mages so might as well li...