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File: TourGuide_MidSummer_201106-26-11
Posted By: Lowlander1976
It aint showing up in my guide and i am getting the following error msg on start: Message: TourGuide_MidsummerFestival_2011-1.0\Alliance - 2011.lua:2: ")" expected near "nil" Time: 06/26/11 08:47:59 Count: 1 Stack: Locals:
File: DiamondThreatMeter12-10-09
the addon seems 2 be complete broke...
Posted By: Lowlander1976
the addon seems 2 be complete broke at the moment .. patch 3.3 .. hope you or any one are picking up on the patch and getting this nice addon bk on track .. would be shame 2 seeing it gone :(
File: DiamondThreatMeter11-27-09
heya .. i am using DTM 4 some time...
Posted By: Lowlander1976
heya .. i am using DTM 4 some time now .. and yes i luv this one .. but i was wondering .. as i looked things over and over again .. and might have missed it some where .. but ehm .. is there an option 2 lock the windows .. as well that would really helping me out :D cheers keep this one going :banana: