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File: Altoholic07-08-11
I have seen errors like this when I...
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I have seen errors like this when I don't have all the modules enabled, e.g. I turned off Datastore_Auctions in the add options on the character load screen. Did you have any of the addon modules disabled?
File: Altoholic07-07-11
Bug with currencies & cross-account transfer
Posted By: gibreel
Currently, DataStore_Currency uses a per-account reference structure curtrency names. Unfortunately, it does not include this refernce structure when transferring currencies between accounts. This means that data transferred between a jeweller & a non-jeweller will break, along with other transfers where one of the toons isn't aw...
File: Altoholic11-26-10
Re: Bug report 4.004c
Posted By: gibreel
Originally posted by gibreel I consistently produce the following mousing over the selection buttons in the character tab of the latest version Enabling all the Datastore & Altoholic modules prevents this error, but it shouldn't be necessary to have them all turned on IMHO. For example, I don't want to track quests, auctions, o...
File: Altoholic04-03-10
Real-time update to DataStore DBs between accounts
Posted By: gibreel
Thaoky, I am looking to integrate DataStore with Jafula's Jamba AddOn so that I can get updates dynamically rahter that having to constantly force the account sharing process between accounts as I multibox. I don't expect either you of Jafula to do the work for me but I would like some pointers for where the appropriate place t...
File: MikScrollingBattleText08-06-09
Bug with latest version and 3.2
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Since upgrading to 5.4.63 after the 3.2 patch release, every attempt to use /msbt now produced the following error stack: : FrameXML\BasicControls.xml:
File: MikScrollingBattleText05-28-09
Originally posted by Mikari Siege...
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Originally posted by Mikari Siege Damage does show if you enable outgoing pet damage. I still wish there was a way to separate siege damage from player pet damage, I don't tend to have outgoing pet damage showing, other than when I'm doing Flame Leviathan since normally it's way too spammy. Couldn't you use the spam filter or s...
File: EventHorizon05-19-09
So I haven't been paying attention...
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So I haven't been paying attention WoW mods much of late but I would like to say that the following from the latest release is simply excellent. As someone with a significant number of alts, all different classes, this change makes me very happy! Class modules: The file myconfig.lua is now loaded if present, e.g. EventHorizon_Dru...
File: EventHorizon05-08-09
Originally posted by Taroven Besi...
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Originally posted by Taroven Besides. Manual config isn't the slightest bit outdated. It gives a higher level of control to an addon and reduces its complexity by a tremendous amount, while allowing feature additions to go through much faster with less testing required. I'd call that win-win.
File: EventHorizon04-23-09
Re: Re: Looking to change the order of items in EHZ display
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Originally posted by Tifi How should the Hunter spells be ordered by default? I added Black Arrow in 0.10, is it not working? The spell ID is in the wowhead URL, My preference would be in CD order, longest to shortest. That way you can focus on the quickly changing items without having to scan...
File: EventHorizon04-22-09
myconfig.lua vs SavedVariables?
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Reading back through this thread another thought has occurred to me. What effort would be involved in moving from myconfig.lua to a SavedVariables approach to managing per-account configuration. That would also eliminate the possibility of addon updates blowing away the customisation. I, for one, always delete the old addon folder...
File: EventHorizon04-22-09
Looking to change the order of items in EHZ display
Posted By: gibreel
First up, thanks for a great add-on. While I understand why you don't want to create a GUI config module, not having one does leave me with a couple of challenges. First up: could all the colour elements be included in the config object, not just the bgbarcolor so I can at least set them myself in myconfig.lua if I choose, e.g....