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File: PlayerScore / GearScore08-19-10
Ok, i just installed the latest ver...
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Ok, i just installed the latest version of this from Curse, and I note that it no longer has BonusScanner included (or so it seems) because my Manage Addons window says that the dependency is missing for this addon (as well as the BonusScanner Broker). Did you remove it, but not remove the dependency, or is this just an oops for the...
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window01-13-10
Request, of sorts
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Originally posted by Everglow I love this addon, particularly the ability to create custom categories. Inscription is badly broken though. Each item crafted can freeze the game for upwards of 15 seconds. I have queued up 60 inks, gone and made dinner, ate the dinner, and come back, and still not be through the queue. I hav...
File: Titan Panel [Itemized Deductions]12-28-09
It will be so nice to get access to...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
It will be so nice to get access to this addon again. I never realized how much I love it until I was unable to use it. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
File: Fizzwidget FactionFriend12-26-09
New rep values for item turn-ins ne...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
New rep values for item turn-ins need to be added. I was amused when I turned in 10 Relic of Ulduar for the Tribute with the Sons of Hodir, and instead of the 250 rep per stack FactionFriend was telling me, I got 650 a stack. POW! Cuts the rep grind down by a metric f*-ton. Love your addons. Keep up the good work. Are you g...
File: QuestHelper12-11-09
Re: Re: Disappearing Quest Log
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Originally posted by ZorbaTHut Alternatively, it may actually be a Blizzard thing. The quest text is downloaded from the server when you get the text, and I've noticed a few glitches with downloading other cached data. It may be that Blizzard's caching code is a little bit flaky. I haven't heard any reports of this applying to ques...
File: QuestHelper12-11-09
Disappearing Quest Log
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
The quest text in my quest log seems to disappear frequently. Sometimes it comes back, but mostly the quest text says blank. The quests are doable, and I can track them, but I can't figure out is this is a Blizzard thing or an interaction with QH. Is anyone else having this issue? I've noticed a lot of addons aren't working the w...
File: Titan Panel12-10-09
Missing bars period. Every time I...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Missing bars period. Every time I load in, I have to reload to the UI to get my bars to show up. They're there, they're just not visible. And it appears new states are not saved on logout. I did manage to save a default case, but all my old settings are apparently wiped and/or won't save/load. The UI is moved down/up like the ba...
File: ItemDataCache12-10-09
I'm getting the exact same error (w...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
I'm getting the exact same error (with a different list of addons, obviously), and it seems to have broken my Itemized Deductions addon, too. I was hoping to find an update here to the problem so that I can get back to enjoying this otherwise wonderful scanner. If Blizzard's LUA changed borked this, I shall miss it.
File: XBar11-20-09
Re: v3.27
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Originally posted by drdoom Thank you all for your reports and patience, 3.27 up with some companion fixes. Lol! And just as I got into learning how to create a Custom Bar (which, BTW, I love now). I did confirm that the last version was NOT saving configurations of what existing pet/mount combinations I wanted shown. Howeve...
File: XBar11-19-09
Originally posted by drdoom Peyan...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Originally posted by drdoom Peyana: XBuffBar does not have any spacers in it, so there is no wrapping available for it. I would suggest making a custom bar if you need a specific configuration. Drakkondarkspell: XCompanionBar did reset the settings upon upgrade, but should be saving the settings like normal, even if the compani...
File: XBar11-17-09
Re: v3.26
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Originally posted by drdoom v3.26 up, fixed some issues with the slide bars and XCompanionBar now lets you limit the # of shown pets, reducing lag. This fix was implemented so that the majority of users will not need any special configuration. XCompanionBar limits the number of companions shown by simply ignoring them after a se...
File: XBar11-13-09
Originally posted by drdoom Compa...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Originally posted by drdoom CompanionBar causes anyone with lots of companions massive lag, but I hope to implement some fixes for it soon. Not sure if it's related to that, but it seems that my Hunters start with CompanionBar set to invisible. I have ot go in every time I play and change it back to visible and then select and...
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)01-20-09
No. No it is not. Sadly, the tool...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
No. No it is not. Sadly, the tooltip, regardless of settings, is still being surpressed in the X-Perl frames. Docked/undocked doesn't matter. I suspect this is an issue on X-Perl's side, not PXB. I'll see if that author can provide me with some tips to help them interact and play nice.
File: Recipe Book01-13-09
Attempts to link items from the tra...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Attempts to link items from the tradeskill window to chat are erroring out, however, clicking on the list entry instead of the item will generate a chat entry. I will capture the error dialog the next time it happens and post it here for you.
File: PetXPBar (Fan Update)12-26-08
Compatability question
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Is this compatible with X-Perl? I had issues with the original not working when I moved to X-Perl, and I love PXB. I'm curious if I can get my pet info back with this version.
File: QuestHelper12-25-08
Reversed Quests
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
On of my guildmates just reported that "The Focus on the Beach" and "Atop the Woodlands" quests for Horde are reversed in the QH. It sends you to the opposite location for each. These are in the Dragonblight Ley Line questchains.
File: No More Stomp Sounds12-11-08
Against the ToS/EULA
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Let's not forget that modifying any aspect of the game outside of the UI Interface folder is against the terms of service that you agree to abide by when you sign up and every time you download and install a new patch. Use of this mod can (not will, just can) get you banned from the game, your account terminated, and/or a vacation...
File: TradeJunkie12-07-08
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Is Inscription being cataloged for inclusion in Trade Junkie? If it is, what do you need to help, and is it something I can send to you so you can gather the information? I really like Trade Junkie. Keep up the good work.
File: PetXPBar WotLK12-07-08
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
Is there a way to get this to work with X-Perl UnitFrames? I've begun using them because I love the way they compartmentalize all the data for me in easy to manipulate locations, but it seems that it suppresses PXB, and that makes me a sadpanda. I love data, instantly available, at my fingertips, and PXB has been a staple of my lev...
File: PetXPBar WotLK09-21-08
I've been using this (normal versio...
Posted By: drakkondarkspell
I've been using this (normal version) for so long that I am lost without it in Beta. The only problem I have with it is that the /pxb dock undocks every time I log out, and I have to undock it (again) and then redock it to get the XP bar back up under the pet portrait. Is this a permissions issue with the directory, or is this an...