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File: Skada Damage Meter12-25-09
How do I move the bar for this mod,...
Posted By: derat
How do I move the bar for this mod, I shift clicked, Ctrl clicked Alt click, both left and right side of keyboard both left and right clicks... I'm feeling a bit retarded as moving this mod seems to be its most difficult to use feature... I assume moving it is a feature... just not an obvious one to me. **edit** NVM brainfart mom...
File: ArkInventory09-23-08
Re: Re: Guild bank logs
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Originally posted by arkayenro open the vault and right click on the tabs "bag" icon, chose what you want to see - actual items, money log, item log Never even thought to try that, I'll try it tonight and if it works *woot* perfect thank you!
File: ArkInventory09-22-08
Guild bank logs
Posted By: derat
So I have been using your addon and I like it but as a officer in my guild I need to be able to see the logs for bank tabs as well as Guild bank money logs... I do not see how to do this with your addon.... Am I missing something or do I have to uninstall it?