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File: Ion09-24-08
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Hi Maul, I took your advice and got into the PTR and loaded up Macaroon. (Thanks) Regarding my 2nd point about the pages. Blizzard has 6 action pages and they cant be toggled by holding down a modifier button (at least not without a mod). I did see that Macaroon does have a feature so that the page switches when ctrl, alt or...
File: Ion09-23-08
Few questions (or suggestions)
Posted By: JRuss2k
Greetings Maul, Unfortunately I am not in beta so I can't test this addon but I do have a few questions (or suggestions if the answer is no:D) Will there be support for more than 12 buttons per bar? Many addons only support 12. Will there be a way to manually toggle states without using the normal modifiers (shift, ctrl...