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File: Arcana's Experience Broker11-12-10
Pet Experience
Posted By: Amander
Arcana, I like your addon alot, it does exactly as I want it but for 1 thing - no pet experience! If you've got it in, I can't seem to find how to display it. I just got a host of new pets, so I'm out leveling them all (and once Cata comes, of course I'll be leveling them again), and it'd be nice to see by the player's XP how the p...
File: UberQuest (Fan Update) (WoW 3.3.x)02-02-10
Error on first opening of quest log
Posted By: Amander
I've been getting this error when I first open Uberquest - I know it's a fan update, but perhaps someone knows how to fix it? Love the addon! = "Interface\\FrameXML\\UIPanelTemplates.lua:246: attempt to index local 'frame' (a nil value)", = 10, = "Global", = ": ? Interface\\FrameXML\\UIPanelTemplates.lua:246: in function...
File: Altoholic09-27-08
Originally posted by Thaoky I see...
Posted By: Amander
Originally posted by Thaoky I see you're using 2.4.015, I suggest you download 2.4.016 from here: http://files.wowace.com/Altoholic/Altoholic-r80738.15.zip It's a beta that never got officially released (except via the updaters), but it's stable. Should fix your issue. To Amander too: same thing, I didn't ask you which ver...
File: Altoholic09-26-08
Herbs listing twice
Posted By: Amander
I've got the latest addon version according to WoWAce updater, and I'm having an issue with herbs. All herbs are double listed in the tool tip, like so. ----------- Dreaming Glory Banky: 100 Banky: 100 ----------- Now the counts are right, but it's just listed twice. Nothing else is doing this that I...