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File: Ara Broker Money03-16-13
tooltip flicker
Posted By: Tarlinras
I'm getting tooltip flicker after mousing over the datatext and then mousing over actionbar slots and itemlinks in chat. I have no idea how to fix it and I'm not getting errors that I can report.
File: DockingStation (Display)09-03-12
LUA error in current build 0.4.13
Posted By: Tarlinras
Interface\AddOns\DockingStation\Settings.lua:202: attempt to call global 'GetPluginLocation' (a nil value) (tail call): ? Interface\AddOns\DockingStation\Settings.lua:202: in function `GetPluginSettings' Interface\AddOns\DockingStation\Settings.lua:185: in function `GetSettings' Interface\AddOns\DockingStation\Core.lua:20: in fun...
File: ElvUI10-14-10
Warlock Metamorphosis bar
Posted By: Tarlinras
Is there any way to turn off the warlock metamorphosis bar? I don't want it to change during Meta.
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills03-27-10
I had a feeling that was the issue...
Posted By: Tarlinras
I had a feeling that was the issue Ara. I used to use DS as my LDB feed but I found Blockoland to fit my UI look better and use less memory. Is there a hack I might be able to use that would fix it for me so that DS users can still enjoy your great plugin as well?
File: Ara Broker Tradeskills03-26-10
Having an issue with the latest ver...
Posted By: Tarlinras
Having an issue with the latest version using Blockoland as my LDB feed. The tooltip is not directly above or below the plugin, instead it varies as I drag the plugin to different areas of the screen and is too far away from the plugin to actually mouseover it before it disappears. The closest I could get it was bottom left corner of...
File: Voodoo10-28-09
Currently this does not allow for s...
Posted By: Tarlinras
Currently this does not allow for spells to be cast on enemy NPCs, will this be implemented?
File: RaidPulse06-03-09
There's no way that I've found to m...
Posted By: Tarlinras
There's no way that I've found to move it, will some way of moving it be implemented in a future release? EDIT: Nevermind, I just checked the lua and found the movement stuck in there :)
File: Buffed!05-10-09
I had deleted my saved variables pr...
Posted By: Tarlinras
I had deleted my saved variables prior to downloading the newest version but I could wipe them again to see if it changes anything.
File: Buffed!05-09-09
In the latest version I'm not getti...
Posted By: Tarlinras
In the latest version I'm not getting access to the alpha slider bar. I'm also getting an error, which I'll post in a bit, just not in game right now. Edit: : Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:434: attempt to index field 'bar' (a nil value) Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:1199: in function `func1' Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:59: in function
File: Buffed!03-22-09
I made sure I had the newest versio...
Posted By: Tarlinras
I made sure I had the newest version after the fact, apparently I hadn't updated it to the latest previously, so it's all good now. :)
File: Buffed!03-21-09
Originally posted by kraftman I'v...
Posted By: Tarlinras
Originally posted by kraftman I've been workign on some stuff that will show you buffs you are missing. if i can get the class bit sorted out then it could be pretty nice. ie if you join a party with a mage in it, and he doesnt buff you with int, then you will get an icon that looks like a buff, but with a red line through it. left...
File: Buffed!03-20-09
: Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:1056: attempt...
Posted By: Tarlinras
: Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:1056: attempt to index local 'parent' (a nil value) Buffed!\Buffed!.lua:1132: in function --- Error in the latest build. Was causing the addon to use lots of memory, though it's just because it was iterating it so many times I'd cleared the bugsack a few times...
File: Buffed!03-12-09
Any chance sticky padding will be a...
Posted By: Tarlinras
Any chance sticky padding will be added soon?