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File: Skada Damage Meter12-23-11
Window reset position
Posted By: Morwrath
Is there any way that you can add a window reset position option? I've been experiencing a problem where my Skada meters are hiding themselves aperiodically and I can't get them to return to the middle of the screen. The only way to do this is to destroy (delete) and rebuild the window; however, this has become a nuisance. I've on...
File: PVPSound08-24-11
Please upload as a .zip file as maj...
Posted By: Morwrath
Please upload as a .zip file as majority of the beginners to addons most likely do not have WinRAR to extract the data.
File: Grid01-23-11
Grid Frame Hanging Below Background
Posted By: Morwrath
I'm having a problem where my Grid unit frame boxes are literally hanging below the Grid frame background. I can't seem to figure out how to fix this either. So say you have 2 columns of 5 rows. For some reason the first 2 rows are empty, and then it puts the other 5 below those, thus hanging below the Grid frame background image....
File: Motorcycle Idle Noise ELIMINATOR12-21-10
Originally posted by rain3x...
Posted By: Morwrath
Originally posted by rain3x Thank you.
File: Motorcycle Idle Noise ELIMINATOR11-10-10
Originally posted by Petrah Bette...
Posted By: zacharysc
Originally posted by Petrah Better to open Notepad ++, create a new file, name it MotorcycleVehicleStand.wav and save it to that folder. 0kb in size. lol. True. I just used Audacity to create an empty wave file. *shrug* Wasn't for sure if WOW would still try to read it as an sound file if I just created an empty file, and cause...
File: WoW UI Designer10-26-10
Is there any way we can make a work...
Posted By: zacharysc
Is there any way we can make a work around so that we don't have to close out of WOW entirely in order to open the UI designer? Is there anyway we can copy the FramXMl/ui.xsd (or the FrameXML data) to another location, save it and have WOW UI Designer pull from there instead of the main Blizzard file? If I have WOW UI Designer...
File: NugRunning07-13-10
Love your addon, but is there any w...
Posted By: zacharysc
Love your addon, but is there any way we could see an /nrun addspell eg. /nrun addspell 48018 360 Demonic: Summon ? Thanks.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames06-11-09
Anyone know how to enable the showi...
Posted By: zacharysc
Anyone know how to enable the showing of Elite/Rare frames on SUF?.... Kind of hard to tell when things are such when.... there's not an option?
File: Bartender410-30-08
Love this addon. Just wish I could...
Posted By: zacharysc
Love this addon. Just wish I could move the casting bar some how! Am I missing a way to move it some how?