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File: SBF 3.2 Beta12-05-10
I couldn't find this issue posted a...
Posted By: Nightsyte
I couldn't find this issue posted anywhere, or an answer listed somewhere - so I'll ask here: When I set a buff frame to "Interactive" - all of the buffs' tooltips change into the "Character Tooltip". And I mean the full character tooltip - like what you get when you mouse over your player frame. The spells' effects are nowhere...
File: Ion04-25-09
ActionID buttons Disappearing
Posted By: Nightsyte
Hey, Another bit of bug reporting for you, that may or may not relate to the previous posts: On several of my bars, I have a mix of "Macro" buttons and "ActionID" buttons... upon login or reloadui, all of the buttons that are set as "ActionID"s are hidden, even if the rest of the bar ("macro" buttons) is perfectly normal. Th...
File: Ion04-15-09
Hidden Bars
Posted By: Nightsyte
Another issue I'm experiencing along the lines of keybindings: Whenever I zone or re-log, any button I currently have on a 'hidden' bar stops responding to its hotkey. For example, I have a hidden bar with several of my more common hotkeys (ground mount, flying mount, SSting, Steady Shot, Viper Sting, etc). These buttons never...
File: Ion12-16-08
3.0.8 Breaking Macaroon
Posted By: Nightsyte
Not sure if Maul or anyone else has started working on it, but it appears there are some API changes coming in Patch 3.0.8 that put a major kink in Macaroon's operation. Whenever I start the current 3.0.8 PTR (The Spanish PvE server, gg Blizz), I receive the following error: Date: 2008-12-16 14:20:04 ID: 1 Error occured in: G...
File: Ion10-02-08
Vehicle UI
Posted By: Nightsyte
Just to echo everyone before me, this is a fantastic addon. I loved TrinityBars and I love this. - for the poster below me, when you get into a vehicle, your portrait should turn into the health and mana of that vehicle. If you right-click on the portrait of the vehicle and say "Dismiss", it will dismount you. - one major pro...