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File: FuBar 3.6.507-16-09
Getting the following Error on PTR
Posted By: Sralis
: LibRockConfig-1.0-90400:7680: attempt to index global 'ScriptErrors' (a nil value) --- : LibRock-1.0-90295 (FuBar):1912: Cannot call `Embed' for library "LibRockConfig-1.0" if `SetExportedMethods' has not been called. LibRock-1.0-90295 (FuBar):1813: in function `Embed' LibRock-1.0-90295 (FuBar):1912: in function <...erface\...
File: QuesterJester03-14-09
Error when Mouseover Questerjester
Posted By: Sralis
: Interface\FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua:840: Call failed: :6: attempt to call method 'GetWidth' (a nil value): Interface\FrameXML\RestrictedExecution.lua:840: in function : (tail call): ?: (tail call): ?: Interface\FrameXML\SecureHandlers.lua:364: in function