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File: Satrina Buff Frames 310-18-10
'my' filtering seems inconsistent
Posted By: cturner
The 'my' filter doesn't seem to reliably report debuffs; pitbull does properly identify my debuffs, but timer simply doesn't show on some occasions. It seems to coincide when someone else places the debuff before I do. When that happens, mine simply won't show up. It seemed fine in the first 4.0.1 patch, too, so this seems a more...
File: BloodQueen03-01-10
Originally posted by the_naP Is t...
Posted By: cturner
Originally posted by the_naP Is there any way to have the addon mark the person that is the biter? It currently marks the person that gets bit, making the person that has to do the biting find them. We currently employ a strategy that lets the current vampire continue to DPS while the person that is going to get bit finds them....