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File: PlayerScore / GearScore12-07-10
Re: Escape key stops working
Posted By: Beta7
Originally posted by Arkive Not sure what's going on, but with the new version after I inspect someone my "Esc" key is no longer functional for bringing up the game menu. It works fine until I inspect someone. I tried reloading with no mods enabled but Gearscore, same result. Same issue here, PlayerScore updater seemed to cau...
File: Clique10-14-10
Re: Unit Frame Option
Posted By: Beta7
Originally posted by Kunou What happened to the option window for disabling/enabling Clique per Unit Frame? I've had to stop using Clique for this reason as I want it functioning only on my party frame or raid frame and nothing else. If I'm not mistaken, I believe this functionality still exists in the Clique options screen. C...
File: Clique10-14-10
Does updating with the newest versi...
Posted By: Beta7
Does updating with the newest version always clear all set bindings? I didn't remember it doing this is 3.3.5. I guess I didn't update it every day either. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong as I've had to redo my bindings every time I update to your latest build.
File: ElvUI10-13-10
Originally posted by Deadtweak My...
Posted By: Beta7
Originally posted by Deadtweak My problem is, my raid buffs aren't all showing... and I know i have my Fel Armor on, and it won't appear all the time in the bar by map. I have the same problem, not all buffs are showing up.
File: ElvUI09-09-10
Loving the UI
Posted By: Beta7
Elv, loving the UI on my resto druid. Absolutely wonderful when paired with Clique.
File: TradeFilter06-17-10
I think I have finally found the ad...
Posted By: Beta7
I think I have finally found the add-on that makes Trade chat bearable. I hope you keep this up, this is wonderful.
File: Cork12-26-09
I play a Warlock. Is there anyway t...
Posted By: Beta7
I play a Warlock. Is there anyway to disable Cork wanting to recast my Imp when I'm mounted? It's always up and since I have it bound to my scroll wheel whenever I move my scroll wheel on my mouse while mounted I start summoning my imp.
File: Fizzle12-25-09
I would love to see this updated on...
Posted By: Beta7
I would love to see this updated on WoWInterface as I refuse to download anything from Curse anymore.
File: Skillet12-25-09
Lilsparky, are you planning on upda...
Posted By: Beta7
Lilsparky, are you planning on updating Skillet on WoWInterface at all? Just looking for a replacement for ATSW as it seems to be bug filled sometimes.
File: Auctionator12-25-09
Update Soon?
Posted By: Beta7
Zirco, are you planning on updating Auctionator on wowinterface at all anymore? The only reason I ask is I absolutely refuse to use curse.com anymore, I had a bad experience with them once and I won't go back. Please, I love your addon and would love to be able to use it with patch 3.3.
File: tomQuest204-16-09
Font Issue
Posted By: Beta7
I'm getting a strange font issue in my quest tracker. Sometimes the font sizes are just randomly different, sliding the bars does nothing at all to adjust them. Also I'm getting |'s (vertical pipes) after each word on the very top zone/area name. Any ideas, I'm using Arkive's package and he's not having them. I am running r108.