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File: Glyph UI - 6.2 | New Rogue Weak Auras!06-29-15
Auras and triggers
Posted By: DavidMB
Do you know what addon is causing all auras (gained) and triggers (such as spells and abilities) to flow through the middle of the screen? it's very distracting and not cool :( Found it: It was TrufiGCD.
File: Skaarj UI10-04-12
Update on two concerns
Posted By: DavidMB
First of all, thank you for the reply regarding the tooltip; worked wonderfully. However, as for the xct incoming damage problem I had tried the "/xct test" and checking the location of the frames before and both options work as you'd expect. The frame location is shown when unlocking the frames, and damage is even simulated during t...
File: Skaarj UI09-26-12
Two quick questions
Posted By: DavidMB
First of all, I adore the UI, otherwise I wouldn't be using it, haha. I was just wondering about two things, and I hope they haven't been answered. I'm not too well-versed in scripting, let alone in managing WoW addons, but is there any way to enable incoming damage for the combat text? I tried peeking into the config file and...