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File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-20-09
Posted By: Youngbull
Hey, i was just wondering, would there be a more 'userfriendly' way to use this UI? like say, making an ingame menu? I don't know about you, but i find it somewhat troublesome to have to use coding every time i need to change a little tweak in the UI. the general users won't know how to use the files to alter the addon's behav...
File: Broker_Regen01-22-09
i cannot see this display anything...
Posted By: Youngbull
i cannot see this display anything on my screen. is there some options i need to set? and in that case, would it be possible to post some command or something for it here? the link sent earlier says there's nothing there.
File: Bartender410-23-08
issue with keybindings
Posted By: Youngbull
Seems to be a problem with key bindings for me. It works perfectly, I can bind keys and all the key bindings work well. But! then i change character, and all the key bindings from the previous character profile is transferred to the current one. i.e: Druid; Made a new profile when I set up the bars and keys. even deleted the def...