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File: Elkano's BuffBars01-13-10
Anchoring Groups
Posted By: mcorrente
Love the addon. I'm trying to switch my TENCH list from below the buffs to above, and want the normal buffs to anchor to the bottom of the TENCH list. I like the buff bar scaled to about 60%. I figured out (maybe I'm wrong) that the scale has to be the same for the anchor to "catch". Couldn't get it to connect any other way b...
File: NotesUNeed12-09-09
Re: Orphaned NuN
Posted By: mcorrente
Originally posted by Telic Sorry peeps, but I'm effectively retired. NO!!!! How am I supposed to keep up my list of people who do me wrong in-game? 50 ignores is not enough!!! Seriously,though - thanks for the addon man. It was one of my favorites. Good luck to you and I hope Cataclysm is too much for you to resist. Do...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames12-09-09
Originally posted by smedeley Plu...
Posted By: mcorrente
Originally posted by smedeley Plus, I dislike having to sift through multiple sites to find a working version. I'll stick with this site as best as I can. Yeah, it always pisses me off how these addon developers work for free developing mods that I don't have to pay for and that help me enjoy my game time more and then have th...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames09-05-09
Assists Frame Resize
Posted By: mcorrente
Great addon - absolutely makes my UI. I do have a problem with the assists frame I resize it to fit nicely into a corner, but every time I log on it reverts to the default size. Any idea? Also, I'm sure this has been asked before, but any way to show number of Lifebloom stacks on raid frames and duration?