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File: Shot Glass Raid Frames11-20-10
possible bug, and feature request
Posted By: shmeek
I loaded these up today for the first time, and in a 5 man group i couldn't click on the middle three unit squares. They were also not updating health or buffs on these three. has this been reported before? is there anything i am missing (like turning off interface elements etc) before using these raid frames? I also noticed...
File: TellMeWhen10-23-10
Posted By: shmeek
Hi, If I have TMW positioned where I want it, then I uncheck TMW in the addons panel, then load wow, then logout and turn the addon back on, then login, TMW's position is now reset to the default top left area of my screen. Is there a way that it can save position between, loading/unloading of the addon? Thanks
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-04-09
EXP and REP % Tags
Posted By: shmeek
Shadowed, love all your addons, by far some of the best ones available. My request is pretty simple I would imagine; I would like to see a tag for currently watched reputation %, and current experience % as a tag that i can show on my 'empty bar' or any other bar for that matter. I realize their is a bar that does this alread...