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File: oUF_Caellian04-15-09
How do I remove the gradient on the...
Posted By: Autris
How do I remove the gradient on the health bar when your health is low? Or could you possibly put a config option to use the gradient or flat color?
File: oUF_Caellian12-08-08
Re: Re: Commands
Posted By: Autris
Originally posted by Caellian EDIT: Noticed the party leader icon is on top of the blood runes, maybe aligning them to the right instead of having them spread out might be better.
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Re: Re: slight move to DK pet frame
Posted By: Autris
Originally posted by Caellian That was to be expected, where would you want to have the runes located ? Best place for the runes might be just slightly bumped down a few pixels so its not being partially covered by the pet bar. can post a screen shot of my ui if it will help you
File: oUF_Caellian10-24-08
That screenshot cannot help me disc...
Posted By: Autris
That screenshot cannot help me discover what your issue is, are you getting any error ? Just as reminder, you are using the latest version of the layout, did you check oUF and it's plugins ? :) Nope, no errors at all. I am using 2 out dated ouf addons, ouf_combatfeedback and ouf_debuffhighlight. Those haven't been updated ye...
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Originally posted by richerich Ah...
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Originally posted by richerich Ah yes, found it... but i noticed that my party/raid frames isnt displaying out-of-range (fades out) when you have oUF_BarFader anymore, since it used to work before. Line 436, set self.BarFade = true Also, for some reason when i load into the game, the UI is putting all my icons above my h...
File: oUF_Caellian10-13-08
Moving the Party and Raid Frames
Posted By: Autris
I cannot seem to be able to move the party or raid frames. I'm a healer in raids, so i usually like to see my party members staring me right in the face so I know who needs a heal. Previously(2.x versions) I was able to move them by: party:SetPoint('LEFT', UIParent, 'LEFT', 10, 0) and raidGroup:SetPoint('LEFT', UIParent, 'LE...