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File: Parrot03-17-09
Re: Re: Broken in 2.4
Posted By: kolaf
Originally posted by sdliddo Hey guys... just found this: http://files.wowace.com/Parrot/ Just scroll WAAAY down to get the updated version. Seems like the one here is VERY old. This one is confirmed working on the new wow patch also there's a version at Curse.com that was updated 6 hours ago, so it's getting updated, just...
File: Altoholic02-20-09
Originally posted by Thaoky That'...
Posted By: kolaf
Originally posted by Thaoky That's a problem that I've encountered on very very rare occasions, and since I've never been able to reproduce it, so I don't know what's causing it. If by any chance it happens more often for you than it does for me, you can try to find out what causes it (if there's any logic behind it that is) and l...
File: Altoholic02-14-09
Hi Thaoky, THis might have alre...
Posted By: kolaf
Hi Thaoky, THis might have already been posted, but occasionally when I load ALtoholic everything comes up blank. I am able to Link professions from there, so the data is getting loaded. I deleted my savedvariables.lua and reinstalled the program but am still getting the issue. Any suggestions? love the program! :banana:
File: moveFrames11-23-08
Posted By: kolaf
I love this addon, but i am getting what I call a 'deadspot' in the upper middle part of the screen, where my mouse wont 'click' , its super frustrating, especially in instances.. I heard this isnt being supported any longer, is there an alternative out there?