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File: DHUD for 6.010-14-10
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I love you so much. I was switching over to IceHUD but if I don't have to I don't want to. You're my hero.
File: DHUD for 6.010-12-10
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Will you be updating the mod to work with 4.0?
File: Advanced Trade Skill Window12-19-09
Would it be possible to add in a wa...
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Would it be possible to add in a way to move items up or down in the queue? I often queue up several glyphs while looking at the auction house and then go to make the ink. However, this presents a problem because when I attempt to create the ink it's at the bottom of the queue which would require me to remove everything else.
File: DHUD for 6.008-06-09
Thank you so much for updating this...
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Thank you so much for updating this again. I tried using the DHUD 3 listed on Curse but it's lacking a lot of the options that your version has from the original. <3
File: Ackis Recipe List11-17-08
Forgive me if you've stated somewhe...
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Forgive me if you've stated somewhere or if it's in the latest version (Just downloaded, haven't tried, didn't see it in the changelog). Any idea on when inscription will be supported? Err, edit. Also what about the new cooking recipes? And good luck getting first troll on the server. RAWWWWR Forget all that, just tried...
File: Bartender411-06-08
Not sure if it's something with Bar...
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Not sure if it's something with Bartender's keybindings but I use my numpad and when moving forward and strafing left/right some buttons work but others will not. Ex. While moving forward and strafing right if I press numpad 1 nothing happens but if I press numpad 2 the ability goes. Another example is that 2 works with W and Q...
File: Scrolling Combat Text10-25-08
I apologize in advance if this has...
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I apologize in advance if this has been asked but I couldn't seem to find anything. I'm trying to add in an event to tell me when sword specialization procs for my rogue. However, I can't seem to figure out what type it would be... I have tried using "Aura Gains", "Cast", "Damage" and "Power" as well as "Buff" in the .lua file. I...
File: DHUD for 6.010-14-08
Biggoofyus, I don't think addons th...
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Biggoofyus, I don't think addons that have been updated for 3.0 will work on 2.4 Also, thank you a ton MAD111CAT. DHUD is the only HUD I've used and I love it too much to give it up. Really happy someone updated it for 3.0 :)