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File: MikScrollingBattleText09-19-09
Hi there, great addon and longtime...
Posted By: Joanna
Hi there, great addon and longtime fan. Is there any chance you could add support for Resto Druid 4T9, which grants Rejuv ticks the ability to crit? At present the addon shows (and sums) normal ticks as it always did, but ticks which crit are ignored completely. Thanks for your time, Joanna Edit - assuming it helps, here's a...
File: AddonUsage10-24-08
To make this work in 3.0.2: open...
Posted By: Joanna
To make this work in 3.0.2: open AddonUsage.xml, scroll down to the bottom and find: FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll(16, AddonUsage.ScrollFrameUpdate) change it to: FauxScrollFrame_OnVerticalScroll(self, offset, 16, AddonUsage.ScrollFrameUpdate) Save, and you're good to go!