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File: CustomEmotes - FanFix10-15-14
Re: Error Reporting
Posted By: bunyip
I would be happy to send error reports. I love this addon. Maybe I am the only one. Any chance we could get some updated emotes. I have been working on trying to add some, I got a few figured out, but I don't really know how to use all that mumbo jumbo. I was thinking like Harvey Birdman, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones...etc...Th...
File: CustomEmotes10-14-08
More More More :)
Posted By: bunyip
I absolutely love this add-on...I now only speak in custom emote...The raid warnings are soooo much fun... I would like to see some different ones in the rw section, and some new quotes...I tried to stick them in myself, but I am not a saavy to those things... Looking for some Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman, Scooby Doo, old 80's m...