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File: Skillet11-17-14
Re: Error
Posted By: bsmorgan
I am getting an error when I go to my follower working in the Enchanting building. I do not get this error when I go to other followers in other buildings... ...but I will come back as soon as possible and update you further. This is a Blizzard "feature", only the Blizzard UI can be used in this case. The next release of Skillet...
File: Skillet11-04-14
Since the last update, Skillet does...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Since the last update, Skillet doesn't update the display of the skill level with each skill level gained. I can't reproduce this issue. Please open a ticket and include some details like client locale, character class and race, profession with skill level, etc. A screenshot might be useful. Also verify that this issue still exist...
File: Skillet10-18-14
Tested the new version 2.62 Test...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Tested the new version 2.62 Tested with default UI from Blizzard without any Addon and tested with only DuffedUI enabled. On both the same behaviour. Since you are having issues with just Skillet as the only addon and I can't reproduce the problem I'm going to suggest that we try deleting your Skillet.lua savedvariables file(s)...
File: FlyoutButton Custom10-16-14
Would it be possible to add an opti...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Would it be possible to add an option to hide the macro text thing on the buttons. I'd like to second this request.
File: Skillet10-16-14
Seems the performance issue persist...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Seems the performance issue persist. Every time I open Skillet I had a Lag around ~10s and the crafting freezes for ~20s the client. No error pop up. Please verify that you are running the latest version of Skillet. Version 2.60 had performance issues similar to what you describe which should have been fixed with 2.61. If you...
File: Skillet09-26-14
Received this today when I clicked...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Received this today when I clicked on Thorium Bar from Engineering to Mining. It still switched to mining after clicking it but produced this bug in the process. Until this gets fixed, you can eliminate the error by opening Mining in Skillet before clicking on a reagent in Engineering.
File: Skillet07-28-14
More aura stuff! On the icons on th...
Posted By: bsmorgan
More aura stuff! On the icons on the unitframes, the timers on the buffs doesn't seem to update. I have one showing as 60m on the unitframe and 56m on the buff frame. I'm confused! What does this have to do with Skillet?
File: Skillet03-11-14
I updated the .zip file to mirror a...
Posted By: bsmorgan
I updated the .zip file to mirror an update to WowAce / Curse. The only changes are in comments containing the version number.
File: Rematch02-22-14
Did a search through all files/fold...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Did a search through all files/folders under AddOns and Blizzard's code, don't see any reference. I did the same search! I got this twice, the second time I was just flying across The Valley of the Four Winds on my way to stomp on the little marmots. I don't remember what I was doing the first time but it wasn't playing with you...
File: Rematch02-22-14
Does this look like it might be you...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Does this look like it might be yours? I'm currently in the middle of another addon coding thrash but it doesn't look like anything I could have done (unless we are both leaking the same global). Date: 2014-02-22 16:02:23 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: line 51: attempt to index field 'states' (a nil valu...
File: Skillet02-20-14
Other Files
Posted By: bsmorgan
As a big fan of Skillet, I've been privately working on some enhancements. Eventually, I hope to have my changes incorporated into the mainline version on Curse and here. Note: My changes have now been incorporated into the mainline version. WowAce, Curse, and WoWInterface are all up-to-date.
File: Auctioneer Suite01-11-14
Re: Re: Faster replies
Posted By: bsmorgan
You might try posting questions & issues at You will need to take a moment or two to register but you will be able to post immediately & be more likely to get a quick response. That's great and all, if it would accept my membership registration. I get the welcome email, but when I try to login, it tells...
File: RangeDisplay01-09-14
Change Log outdated?
Posted By: bsmorgan
The Change Log for RangeDisplay here on WoW Interface is (very) outdated. If it can't be kept up-to-date, perhaps it should be eliminated (or blanked out).
File: Rematch01-05-14
I can add a right-click option "Put...
Posted By: bsmorgan
I can add a right-click option "Put leveling pet here" for 25 pets if there's pets in the queue. You can also right now drag a leveling pet from the leveling slot (the one in the pull-out bit) up into current pets. Good to know about how to do it now. The option in the context would make things more new user friendly too i guess....
File: Camera11-08-13
This addon should no longer be nece...
Posted By: bsmorgan
This addon should no longer be necessary. See for Microsoft's fix.
File: Rematch11-05-13
I have a suggestion for the "arrow...
Posted By: bsmorgan
I have a suggestion for the "arrow controversy"... How about changing the symbols to "+" for more information and "-" for less information? The current implementation feels backward to me, but I see that people are split both ways. It would also be nice if the setting was remembered. i.e. If I close the Rematch window with "mor...
File: Rematch10-26-13
Re: Great Addon!
Posted By: bsmorgan
There is a "Button overlapping Problem" with another addon called: PetTracker Maybe you can find a new Position for your Rematch Button. My suggestion would be to add an option to choose between left of "Find Battle" or right of "Summon" and/or an option to specify the left/right offset from the chosen button. You could al...
File: Camera10-24-13
Could you explain this in more deta...
Posted By: bsmorgan
Could you explain this in more detail? What is the original issue? I'm running Windows 8.1 but not seeing anything wrong. Edit: is it this? Yes, the problem is discussed in that forum thread. As you are clicking (left or right) to interact with objects in the world, your camer...
File: Rematch10-19-13
I believe your ultimate goal is to...
Posted By: bsmorgan
I believe your ultimate goal is to replace the Blizzard PetJournal UI but in the mean time, could you put a button on the existing Blizzard PetJournal to open Rematch? Brad
File: FindIt08-29-13
GitHub out-of-date?
Posted By: bsmorgan
GitHub's latest version is 1.10 and this site has 1.11.
File: TomTom03-19-13
Re: Re: TomTom becomes unresponsive
Posted By: bsmorgan
What's happening with the actual crazy arrow, rather than the LDB arrow? I'm not sure I can give you specific steps to help troubleshoot, but any reproducable steps you can provide would be useful. I turned on the actual crazy arrow and using the addon Lorewalkers Helper (, I alt-...
File: TomTom03-17-13
TomTom becomes unresponsive
Posted By: bsmorgan
I have a couple of addons that use TomTom and they seem to add waypoints without any problems but when I'm searching for waypoints, TomTom will work for a while and then it becomes unresponsive. I'll have a waypoint in the current zone but the LDB arrow just says "No waypoint". I'm using /cway to reset to the next waypoint. The waypo...
File: Fizzwidget FactionFriend01-16-13
We now detect when you gain reputat...
Posted By: bsmorgan
We now detect when you gain reputation with the bonus from a Grand Commendation; thereafter, estimates of reputation gain for that faction reflect the bonus. Since Blizzard hasn't given us a way to determine which Grand Commendations we have purchased, could you make your list available with a slash command or some other UI elemen...
File: Fishing Buddy12-27-12
All the 1.2g downloads I can find h...
Posted By: bsmorgan
All the 1.2g downloads I can find have 1.2f in the TOC. Can this be fixed, please?
File: NinjaPanel12-18-12
NinjaPanel and TomTom
Posted By: bsmorgan
I was under the impression that Tomtom had the option to place things on the NinjaPanel (like the waypoint pointer that's normally in the center of the screen). I have both addons installed and can't figure out how to make them work together. Can someone provide me with some instructions? Thanks!