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File: HiddenRaidNames03-21-12
I had forgotten all about this unti...
Posted By: perera
I had forgotten all about this until today... I fixed it for my own use (I have done a quick test, but haven't tested extensively, mind you), here's how to do it: Change the first 3 lines to function HiddenRaidNames_OnLoad() HiddenRaidNames_Frame:RegisterEvent("PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD"); end
File: Visual Execute Range12-20-10
A simple idea, with a simple interf...
Posted By: perera
A simple idea, with a simple interface to it. But it's very useful ! I like it :D
File: Prayer of Mending Tracker (PoMTracker)12-12-10
First of all, welcome back. I co...
Posted By: perera
First of all, welcome back. I couldn't help but notice you will be overhauling the addon completely... I really love the addon the way it is, I don't supose you could have 'PoMTracker Classic' version and the revamped one ? There already is an addon called 'PoM Assist' that looks more ace-like, if you know what I mean, and the...
File: OldComparison11-16-10
Well, I read EquipCompare's descrip...
Posted By: perera
Well, I read EquipCompare's description and it seems that it adds Comparison tooltips on situations they wouldn't be available... Well my addon does pretty much the opposite; it doesn't add anything, it only removes the stats comparison that appears when you compare 2 items.
File: LilSparky's Workshop10-17-10
Originally posted by lilsparky i'...
Posted By: perera
Originally posted by lilsparky i'll post it over here once i'm sure it's stable. Seems ok, however you missed a 'this' on line 1698 of lilsparkysworkshop.lua... I replaced it with button as in the other 2 occurrences, no errors so far.
File: Buff Broker05-30-10
Your addon is very interesting, how...
Posted By: perera
Your addon is very interesting, however I don't think there are enough buffs that are choices to warrant an addon that does that for all classes - a mage for example will already have glyphed for a particular 'armor'. That said, pallies do need such a thing currently, but they all use pallypower. So my suggestion to you would be find...
File: RedRange12-08-09
Originally posted by LudiKalell I...
Posted By: perera
Originally posted by LudiKalell It's because the Addon HAS to listen to the "ActionButton_OnUpdate" event, which is unfortunatley fired every frame. I don't know why, ask Blizzard. Regarding OnUpdate, wowwiki has a code snippet that might help you: http://www.wowwiki.com/Using_OnUpdate_correctly