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File: Accuracy fix & Threat to gain/drop aggro03-03-12
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If you are like me and simply love THIS ThreatMeter, but play with UI Scale at its minimum, here is a quick tweak so the meter isn't so small: Roughly at line 268 find this, and add the Green line. Obviously you can change the red part to any scaling you want. function ThreatMeter_OnLoad(self, unit) --MAX_BARS = 10; self:S...
File: MikScrollingBattleText10-14-10
Shadow Orbs at 3 charges, for Shado...
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Shadow Orbs at 3 charges, for Shadow Priest Mastery. While it may not be necessary, maybe someone likes it this way. I pretty much copied Maelstrom proc, renamed it to Shadow Orb, set it at 3 instead of 5, and it worked like a charm. Looking forward to the update, thank you!
File: PhanxChat06-25-10
By adding ChatTypeInfo.BN_WHISPE...
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By adding ChatTypeInfo.BN_WHISPER.sticky = 0 Under "ALL" settings (I modified that one to suit my needs) did the trick for me.
File: Nameplates Modifier03-24-10
Apologies if I'm being dumb and mis...
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Apologies if I'm being dumb and missed it, but has anyone been able to hide the level?
File: X-Perl UnitFrames03-24-10
Add these two lines healthBar:S...
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Add these two lines healthBar:SetWidth(0) manaBar:SetWidth(0) Into XPerl_Init.lua at line 566. just above the line that says: if (conf.bar.fat) then Credits to Dandrel from Dath'Remar.
File: Roll Window Fix03-24-10
Thanks for this awesome mod! Now...
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Thanks for this awesome mod! Now, is there any chance you could do the same for the LFD "Your group is ready!" panel? Now it also scales with UI Scale setting.
File: IgnoreMore01-21-10
Re: Est Update for 3.3?
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I downloaded the version here and it's working like a charm for me. oO Originally posted by SamtheEagle Hey Mikk, First, thank you -so- much for this addon - actually makes it possible to have a functioning Trade channel again, (I know - imagine! ;) ). Unfortunately, when 3.3 dropped, your most recent version stopped workin...
File: BasicMinimap12-11-09
Originally posted by funkydude Fi...
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Originally posted by funkydude Fixed in v1.70 <3 you, that was fast!
File: BasicMinimap12-10-09
Hi, thanks for your awesome addon....
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Hi, thanks for your awesome addon. I have a problem, related with LFG, but not sure if should depend on the minimap. The icon moves fine and everything, but when I join a group I can see a sort of flag with a "5" (I suppose this is the number of members in the party) at the top right, where the minimap should be. I can't take a...
File: Bagnon10-16-08
Re: Re: Crashing at the Bank.
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Originally posted by Tuller Well, does it happen with all other addons disabled? Yup, only with Bagnon enabled with a clean Interface/Cache/WTF instance. For some weird reason it doesn't happen on my level 1 bank. I'm not sure what may be triggering it. Maybe having aditional bank slots?
File: Bagnon10-16-08
Crashing at the Bank.
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Hi everyone. I'm using newest Bagnon as I'm posting this. The addon is great, thanks for supporting it for 3.0! Today I noticed that I was crashing while leaving the Bank *if* I didn't close my bank bags first. If I closed them manually I didn't crash. I usually just move out of range of the Bank NPC since I'm lazy to close the...