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File: Auto Loot Fix06-24-11
I am not the author of the addon bu...
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I am not the author of the addon but I looked into the code: Normally the loot window gets told, whether it should auto loot or not (as a parameter). But sometimes this parameter is wrong. So the author of the addon checks this parameter. If it says "do not auto loot" but auto loot is enabled in the options, and the user does...
File: CastMonitor10-10-08
Re: Woot
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Yes, sorry. I've been a little busy (especially playing WotLK-Beta ;) ) But I picked up coding again and will look into it asap.
File: GridLogged08-02-08
Originally posted by Phanx ...als...
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Originally posted by Phanx ...also the name is a bit confusing, as when I clicked on it, I was expecting it to be a plugin for Grid. :) Sorry for the confusion. I just liked the name :), Also because I was in a band called "Gridlocked". But I was young and needed the money...