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File: Prat 3.006-24-10
Is anyone having problems receiving...
Posted By: DarkSeverance
Is anyone having problems receiving whispers? It seems I can whisper fine, people get them but I don't ever seem to receive them. I had my wife test it by sending me whispers and I never saw them, they didn't show up even in the tab window I have set up just for whispers. If I disable Prat, it works fine. I've been playing wi...
File: Grid01-18-09
When I upgraded, looks like I lost...
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When I upgraded, looks like I lost the ability to see other group members mana bars now. It shows up my mana, energy, rage, etc... but it doesn't show the rest of the raid anymore.
File: QuestHelper12-01-08
Re: Interesting thing happened
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Originally posted by Caramilla So Questhelper was the last thing that I downloaded, and it was about a month and a half ago. Two days ago, my account was hacked. I seriously hope this has nothing to do with this addon. Because of this, I have deleted my entire interface/WTF folders and want to start over by going to the source....
File: QuestHelper11-27-08
Re: let questhelper be questhelper
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all this path finding is cool math but a beast, and i have a pretty beefy system. I've never ONCE needed a machine to tell me which quests to do next. i look at where the objectives are and I can figure it out.You have the ability to disable all that but leave quest locations. You don't have to use the path finding, ant trails an...
File: Grid10-21-08
The only real issue I have with Gri...
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The only real issue I have with Grid currently is that it doesn't always refresh the healing amount and deficit properly. If I cast a heal on X person, it shows +6.6k and if I interrupt the casting. It still shows that it is healing +6.6 instead of going back to showing the real deficit.