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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)10-13-10
The only bug I have encountered so...
Posted By: SumRGai
The only bug I have encountered so far is that the pet happiness icon does not update properly, remaining at "Unhappy" at all times, regardless of the actual state of the pet.
File: MoveAnything - Updated for 3.212-09-09
Temporary fix for 3.3
Posted By: SumRGai
I've had some success by commenting out the offending lines of code. I'm not sure of what, if any, impact this might have on other performances, but MoveAnything! is saving locations between sessions now. Step 1: Find the section of code in MoveAnything.lua that looks like... UpdateTalentButton = function (...) if MovAny:IsFr...
File: NowCarrying11-10-08
Re: Re: Feature suggestion and issues
Posted By: SumRGai
The problem with blocking chat message seems to be fixed. Thank you! Though, there seem to be a few lingering things that look like debug messages. Specifically, if I loot something I already have 1 stack of, it prints ">>X" in the chat window, where X is the maximum stack size. Originally posted by kerrang I'm GUESSING you mean...
File: NowCarrying11-09-08
Feature suggestion and issues
Posted By: SumRGai
I'd like to first say that this is an excellent idea for an addon. Unfortunately, I've come across a rather severe problem with it. When NowCarrying is enabled, it blocks all other chat messages from appearing. Nothing in guild, say, yell, general, trade, LookingForGroup, anything. Oddly enough, the combat log still works just fine....