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File: ChiBar09-24-12
Oh I just meant like having the opt...
Posted By: Kiyimango
Oh I just meant like having the option to adjust the filled in/empty color of the orbs, like adding a colorwheel pop-up to it, so you could have black empty chi and white filled chi, or red empty blue filled, etcetc.
File: ChiBar09-22-12
Verticle Build?
Posted By: Kiyimango
I like it, simple, clean, easy. I do have a couple requests though; Biggest one being would it be at all possible to include a growth direction? I have my combo points and holy power displays vertical, going from 1 at the bottom to 5 at the top, etc. Just fits my UI a little better :d Other would be if it'd be possible to include an...
File: Dominos09-01-12
Dominos Roll
Posted By: Kiyimango
Hi, sorry if this is something known or anything but I have a problem since 5.0.4 came out, with the previous version and newest one. The new loot-roll window doesn't seem to be movable by Dominos, I'd love to move it cause it's so low to the bottom of the screen, and I haven't actually found another addon that moves the loot window....