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File: Combuctor10-20-08
Originally posted by Xeddicus Bag...
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Originally posted by Xeddicus Bagnon_Forever should work, that shows the contents of other characters banks. Bagnon_Tooltips is easy to fix (and it's not really Bagnon_Tooltips that's 'broken', it's Cumbuctor), but seems he forgot (again it seems:P) to do it. As my post on the previous page says, to fix it: open Combuctor.lua...
File: ShieldsUp10-15-08
improved earth shield
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the earth shield doesn't take into account when you get the improved earth shield talent. Currently I have 2 points in the talent, so the total would be 8 however it only shows as 6. also I noticed when I cast earth shield on another person not in my group it doesn't show a change in the count (just 0) which may not be a bug since...