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File: Sell-O-Matic12-03-08
When I first downloaded and used th...
Posted By: Alucarde
When I first downloaded and used this addon to automate the selling of grey items, I got the shock of my life to see all my items within my inventory sold. That said, I am a hunter in a PVE server, and as result of my arrows sold along with everything else, I was unable to buy back most of my important items. The first thing I did...
File: GBOT [Bag Of Tricks]11-21-08
Re: Re: Re: Re: !Swatter
Posted By: Alucarde
Originally posted by Goldpaw Still I have no idea what's causing your error. However, on the day of the WotLK release, I encountered some errors which I "fixed" in a slightly insane tempo. Causing me to having to upload 3 versions in a row, because the 2 first was bugged. I suggest downloading again. :) Anyway, uploading new ver...
File: GBOT [Bag Of Tricks]11-20-08
Re: Re: !Swatter
Posted By: Alucarde
Originally posted by Goldpaw In all honesty I have no idea what is causing that bug. There is no error or wrong usage of the command that your Swatter is talking about. The addon is as far as I know, error-free. (There are probably bugs, but as far as I see, this is not one of them.) Are you using a registered version of WoW? Ar...
File: GBOT [Bag Of Tricks]11-19-08
Posted By: Alucarde
My swatter kept showing the following bug: Date: 2008-11-19 22:14:01 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\GBoT\gbot.lua line 688: Usage: GBOTFrameOPTIONS_TITLE:SetJustifyH("justify") Debug: : ? : SetJustifyH() GBoT\gbot.lua:688: CreateText() GBoT\gbot.lua:361: initOptionsPanel() G...
File: Sell-O-Matic11-05-08
Do NOT use this addon
Posted By: Alucarde
I have downloaded the addon in hope to automate the selling of grey items. Upon installation and usage, the addon sold EVERYTHING in my inventory, including my arrows, consumables, additional epic trinkets and reputation related items. There are other safer addons to use than this. Further data: Date of use - 5th Nov '08 Time...