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File: Ara Broker Reputations08-29-16
Posted By: acky
Hi. Thanks for a great addon. I am using elvui to display this broker. Can someone guide me how to change the border of the tooltip to a custom one? Not using tiptac. Advice whould be great.
File: Grid04-13-12
Hi Phanx, hope you will catch my me...
Posted By: acky
Hi Phanx, hope you will catch my message when you have time. I am trying to setup 3 profiles - one for 10 man with bigger frames, one for 25 man and one for 40 man for Alterac Valley. I am using macros like this /grid profile choose Alterac Valley and its working great. The problem is when i change between the 3 profil...
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-20-09
scroll bar
Posted By: acky
scroll bar working great so far. thank you very much.
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-15-09
Posted By: acky
ok mate thank you i will wait for that to be implemented
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends07-13-09
scroll list
Posted By: acky
hi mate i've been looking everywhere and i cant see if it has a scroll. My guild is very big and i cant scroll in the list. Can you implement it please?