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File: Ion Action Bars03-26-13
Re: Re: Error with Ion
Posted By: Wd4o
Wd4o: I don't think the main menu is available for use at this time. Hovering over the Ion Button on the mini map will give you basic information and using /ion will give the list of items available. Barring that, right clicking on an existing bar in "bar edit mode" you can access a menu for a lot of basic functions like adding, c...
File: Ion Action Bars03-25-13
Error with Ion
Posted By: Wd4o
So ive downloaded and tried version 3, 4 and 5 and all are giving me the same issue. I loved macaroon and am sad to see it gone, as it worked very well. Back to the point. Everytime I start wow I am able to see Ions new button bars. I shift click on the minimap symbol, or type /ion menu and the in game menu that pops up is a bl...
File: Ion: Menu Bar04-27-09
Cant see bags
Posted By: Wd4o
Since updating my macaroon today i can no longer see my bag bar on any chars. Any quick fix i can do on my side or is this on the addon side?!?