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Originally posted by ReScue I ins...
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Originally posted by ReScue I installed the actual (1.5.1) Version of GuruQuest. I get the same result like Reolin. I can't set any glyphes when QuestGuru is running! I get the message, that this option is a blizzard option only when I want to set a new glyphes! (here I get this blizzard option to ignore or to disactivate this...
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What sound effect are those when yo...
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What sound effect are those when you finish a quest and/or make progress in a quest? I love the Pavlovian effect of them :).
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I love you so hard.
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I've been wanting this for so long. This was the ONLY REASON I had quest helper before! Which raises my next question, does anyone know the 3 sounds quest helper was using? Those things stuck with me and I would love to use them in this. Is it weird that this is now my favorite mod made for wow? I think they were auction hou...