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File: NugComboBar10-16-10
The file for the stripped version a...
Posted By: khanthal
The file for the stripped version appears to be the classic version (1287229430-NugComboBarClassic_r3.zip) and has the classic folder and lua. Am I doing something wrong or is the wrong file up there?
File: Power Auras Classic05-21-10
AVR and PA
Posted By: khanthal
AVR is getting killed, we all read about that, have you seen any of the changes they are making to break it? It makes me worry about PA since they both display 2D images based on trigger conditions... Granted AVR does a lot more than that but I'm worried that PA will be collateral damage to AVR getting killed depending on what me...
File: Power Auras Classic01-10-10
Posted By: khanthal
I have a simple Exact Name "Trauma" ">=0" PA that never works right whenever I am in a raid setting with two arms warriors. It works fine if there is only one but for some reason with both of them refreshing it the PA will show off as much as on...when really Trauma never falls off the mob. It's a stacksize 0 debuff that both war...
File: Power Auras Classic01-06-10
Issue with buff refreshing and Exact Name
Posted By: khanthal
(removing post as I am working on various work arounds...maybe no issue....)
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu11-20-08
Northrend Alchemy Research cooldown...
Posted By: khanthal
Northrend Alchemy Research cooldown (7 day, independant from the transmute cooldown) does not seem to be supported? Or am I doing something wrong/not doing something I should? I only just got the mod and everything else seems right so....it could be me :)