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Re: Re: Threat Status Color descriptions wrong?
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Originally posted by acapela there are a bunch of "invert" options for "Nameplate Glow" that reverse the order of the colors under various circumstances. some users wanted a glow to show only when they had lost threat (no glow when they were tanking securely), or only when they were "tanking" (narrowly defined), and etc. so, you...
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Threat Status Color descriptions wrong?
Posted By: Mana82
Hi there, I am a prot pally tank and have been using this addon for a while and one of the features that i love is the threat status color that changes depending on aggro status. I recently upgraded aloft and i think i went from ace 2 to the ace3 version. I made sure that i completely unistalled and removed all aloft game s...
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Changing nameplate colour depending on target of target possible?
Posted By: Mana82
Hi there, Just wanted to say great addon. I am on of the main tanks for my guild and this addon has helped my tanking performance greatly. Let me quickly state how i set it up. If i dont have aggro on a mob or that mob is aggrod completely on someone else the name plate is red. If i have 100% threat the nameplate changes to...