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File: Low Memory Chat07-30-09
Up and down arrow keys in edit box no longer working
Posted By: rahven32
Since updating recently I can no longer use the up and down arrow keys in the edit box anymore. Is this intended or something that will be fixed? I'm sure you understand what I'm saying but just to be sure I'll explain :) Normally with the edit box open you can push the up key to automatically put in what you have previously t...
File: TweakWoW06-10-09
Hello again =) I have a request...
Posted By: rahven32
Hello again =) I have a request if you have the time. You already have MaxFPS in but is there anychance to add maxfpsbk? Thanks in advance =)
File: TweakWoW06-01-09
Posted By: rahven32
I'm wondering if there is a way to macro the profile by chance? Basically I run 5 accounts and what I want to do is macro the profile's different for my slave and master. So when i switch to a character he gets one profile and the rest go to lowest settings. Is there a /console or script to do this by chance? BTW this addon is...
File: oUF_Nivaya04-06-09
Since updating with the latest vers...
Posted By: rahven32
Since updating with the latest version the debuffs are extremely small. Is there a way to scale them up a little bit? Im not very good with lua so maybe I'm missing it somewhere. The way they are now I cant see how many stacks are on a debuff or how long is left. Thank you btw great addon =)
File: TankTips03-19-09
For some reason nothing shows at al...
Posted By: rahven32
For some reason nothing shows at all in the tooltips. Am I supposed to turn it on someway?
File: oUF_AI03-12-09
Health color?
Posted By: rahven32
I'm not that familiar with lua and was wondering how I would change the health color? I can't really see the grey at all. I'm more of a visual person and the numbers are there but in the heat of things i just cant see it. What would I need to do to change the color? I looked in the lua and only thing I can see is somewhere in t...
File: Runevolution12-30-08
Thanks a ton for adding the disease...
Posted By: rahven32
Thanks a ton for adding the diseases! I've been searching for a way to show them and all the timer bars just did way to much for what i wanted. Was one of the things I liked about runewatch but just didnt like the look of the addon. Now if they would just approve your upload so i can update!
File: Fishing Buddy09-10-07
Originally posted by RedLegg Odd....
Posted By: rahven32
Originally posted by RedLegg Odd....it works flawlessly for me...always has. (I know that don't help, just my input). Wonder if there is some kind of conflict somewhere. Might disable everything and see if that has a effect. Odd thing is I don't have any error msg's or anything. It just does nothing.
File: Fishing Buddy09-09-07
The main reason to use this addon d...
Posted By: rahven32
The main reason to use this addon doesnt seem to work. Easy cast hasnt worked on any of the fishing addons I've tried actually. Does anyone know of a simple easycast addon that works? Don't really care about all the "extras"
File: Clique04-18-07
You must supply a menu function for...
Posted By: rahven32
You must supply a menu function for action type "menu". I get that when I try to bind the menu. Tried several different keys and all give some results. I don't see a place to put in the action type either. ( not that I would know what it was =p )
File: Clique01-11-07
I seem to be having issues also sin...
Posted By: rahven32
I seem to be having issues also since updating. Clicks will work then randomly it seems they stop working. A reload or changing profiles back and forth seem to fix it. I don't have any errors so cant really help there. Will edit if I find out more. BTW I am using the latest version of clique and perfectraid. Praid is throwing...
File: ag_UnitFrames11-16-06
Aye didn't work for me either. Com...
Posted By: rahven32
Aye didn't work for me either. Comparing this version and the version on the svn the lines of code are the same not sure why the version I'm using doesnt work with this change.
File: FruityLoots07-22-06
I'm just curious and have a questio...
Posted By: rahven32
I'm just curious and have a question. Ok so the upfront load is more memory I've gathered that. However, lets say I have 10+ ace2 addons and most if not all use the same lib. Ok now they will all load the lib's for each addon if I understand right and dump the one that isn't the newest. Now the question is wont that increase load...