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File: Ion Action Bars12-02-12
Re: Consolidated fixes
Posted By: flyx
It includes everything that Maul has fixed and published either on github or the 5.1 patch. Thanks for doing this. If its OK with you I'll package my few fixes as pull requests against your repo to have a single source of the "best" Ion until Maul can get back to development.
File: Ion Action Bars11-29-12
not sure if this is related to tool...
Posted By: flyx
not sure if this is related to tooltip or cooldown or other display, but... abilities with charges (roll, hand of guldan, etc): the charges don't show. other abilities that gain efficacy (death strike) update properly. Yes, this is annoying. I submitted a fix a few months ago, but I think it got lost in the shuffle. The least int...
File: Ion Action Bars11-28-12
...now, if anyone can figure out ho...
Posted By: flyx
...now, if anyone can figure out how to get the cooldown and tooltip to work for mangle and thrash. I suspect you are using the default timerlimit, which disables cooldown animations for "short" spells. Try /ion timerlimit 2 and see if that helps.
File: Ion Action Bars10-05-12
Re: Regarding extra action button
Posted By: flyx
Extra action button is easy to keybind and deal with it, but like it's been said, you can't know IF there is an extra action to push during the fight. Anyone knows a way around it? I still run http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/betterextraactionbutton, which continues to work fine and cured the problem (for me at least).
File: Ion Action Bars10-04-12
Re: Corrupt data...
Posted By: flyx
If I enter edit mode and change the macro code of one of my macros, and hit TAB, it's saving the text changes, but the button is still using the old macro. I'm having similar problems, text edits don't seem to take effect. However, if I drag a spell from the spellbook it does work. But I can't edit it afterwards. And its just *so...
File: Ion Action Bars09-20-12
I got a config screen for the bar t...
Posted By: flyx
I got a config screen for the bar to open up. Some buttons aren't labeled though. But I couldn't find the main options that sets the options for the mod its self. I believe all the global options are currently set by /ion; there is no gui config for those few options (like TimerLimit and BlizzBar) Also how do I make the bar ign...
File: Ion Action Bars09-20-12
I can't seem to figure out how to o...
Posted By: flyx
I can't seem to figure out how to open up a config menu. /ion menu, /ion config don't work. Using slash commands is too difficult and tedious. First of all, do you have Ion-GUI installed and enabled? You won't get visual configuration without it. Second, do you see the minimap or libDataBroker icon for Ion? It supports left (conf...
File: Ion Action Bars09-14-12
First of all, Thanks for creating t...
Posted By: flyx
First of all, Thanks for creating this awesome bar mod. I have a problem about showing cooldown text for some druid's skill. Built-in cooldown text timer nor OmniCC doesn't show {Mangle, Swipe, Lacerate} timer. Ion (and Macaroon) have a global value that controls the minimum cooldown it will show. The default is to not show spells...
File: Ion Action Bars09-13-12
Did DS tonight and on Utraxion i co...
Posted By: flyx
Did DS tonight and on Utraxion i couldnt make work off Extra action button .Any one knows how to make it work+keybind it?Even tried macro it to the bar but that dint work as well. did you try to bind via the built-in Key Bindings? OFC,in game key bindings or built in bindings didnt work for me. This was a known bug in the alpha ve...
File: Ion Action Bars12-21-11
Re: No
Posted By: flyx
I've tried "BetterExtraActionButton" and "Dragon Soul ExtraActionButton",though they just can move the button if you can see,sadly i can't see that button. Try /beab toggle so you can show the bar; then you can move it while not in the encounter. I know its not a "real" fix, but it should get you "good enough to raid".
File: Ion Action Bars12-08-11
Re: Re: HI
Posted By: flyx
have you tried getting your pally set up the way you like, then reloading the game, or logging out? if you do one of those two, then the data for your mods will be saved to your hard drive, instead of being kept in temporary memory (meaning, in RAM). I don't know if I was having the same trouble or not, but I too had the "losing my...
File: Ion: Bag Bar09-03-10
how to enable the totem bar
Posted By: flyx
This probably falls into the "too obvious to most folks" category, but I had trouble figuring out how to enable the bar. This is the command: /mac create multiCast It put the bar over some other bars, so I had to hunt for it a bit.