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File: oUF Perfect11-03-08
Greater than 25...
Posted By: Hevnlyst
Great frames, I tweaked them a little size wise, and although I'm fairly alright with lua, i cant figure out how to create groups 6-8 if they are present. I made them smaller height wise so they can fit, i just cant find the variable/boolean that stops the creation of frames at 25 players... And if this isn't possible, how could...
File: oUF P3lim11-03-08
Re: Re: powerbar bgcolor
Posted By: Hevnlyst
Alright, cool, thanks for the quick response :P
File: oUF P3lim11-02-08
powerbar bgcolor
Posted By: Hevnlyst
For the layout lua, you can change health and castbar, but is the rgb for the bgcolor of the power bar editable? Because I can't find it anywhere the code... ....or is it in the core powerbar file? Also, I'm not sure if this is intended, but the ToT frame no longer changes the name of the ToT, only the color of the initial per...