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File: EventHorizon_Lines03-23-10
Edit: Sorry, posted into the wrong...
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Edit: Sorry, posted into the wrong comment thread, stupid me. Lines seems to be working fine, the main EventHorizon is causing the following error. (And I seem to remember getting one for Vitals occasionally, but can't reconstruct this now) As Druid, when being stealthed and opening with a Shred, I get this error: Date: 2010...
File: EventHorizon Continued02-24-10
Curse Updater
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dunno if this has been posted before, if so - I'm sorry. If any of you guys use Curse updater, copy a backup of myconfig.lua to a different folder! - Curse will say the addon was "modified" - Upon upgrading/reinstalling EH, everything in the EventHorizon folder (including your myconfig.lua) will be deleted had to find this...
File: Analyst04-24-09
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I don't know why it's not updated on wowinterface yet... on wowace and curse, you guys will find version 1.0.7
File: Reagent Restocker12-22-08
0.8 -> 0.9 changes?
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Hello there, I must admit i have not tried 0.9 yet... or rather for about 2 minutes, then kicked it and got 0.8 again, which i absolutely love. Why can't you drag&drop items into the stock/sell input box any more? Now you have to type the item's name... does this at least auto-complete (although i doubt how that should work)?...