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File: DecUI07-12-14
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Hi all, Just a quick how to question? When Skada is up, it covers the writing/chat etc in the right chat window. How can I move skada to a new window to reposition it or a separate window? Thanks, Bkray1
File: DecUI11-13-13
Hi Joe, I'm using your Macro wor...
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Hi Joe, I'm using your Macro workaround with no issues. Thanks for that. I still have an issue however when I click on the MicroBar. Do you have any idea what causes that? Thanks I think it's been a won hit wonder other authors have already made ​​4 more updates and decui not even one which runs for new patc...
File: DecUI11-02-13
Ok, Cool. Was wondering what happen...
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Ok, Cool. Was wondering what happened. Thought I changed something by mistake. Thanks in advance for the update.
File: DecUI10-21-13
Re: Re: Love it so far
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Thanks Decard. That fixed it. One more question, I seem to have my quests set up somehow to auto accept and auto turn in. Does that happen to be part of Decui or should I be looking elsewhere with that one as well. Thanks, Quite impressed with the layout and how it all works together.
File: DecUI10-19-13
Love it so far
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Hi all, I just installed V7 of Decui and the optional pack. So far I have most of it setup, and it's amazing compared to the setup I had used previously. I do have a question, however as I've only ever really used 5-10 addons. What addon(s) are controlling the text that appear around the toon such as the damage numbers etc. I'd l...
File: nUI: Integration [Bazooka]10-19-10
Thx for the info Nightspirit. I mus...
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Thx for the info Nightspirit. I must have some settings off then. My top bar (i.e the bazooka bar) overlaps the top of the nUi frame. I'll see if there is a seeting somewhere that I am missing. Originally posted by Nightspirit This addon doesn't need update since it's integrated in nUI already.
File: nUI: Integration [Bazooka]10-15-10
Patch 4.0
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Any chance this will be updated to work with bazooka v1.8.8 and version 4.1 of wow? Best Regards, Bkray