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File: DiscoKugel (Orb test with fluid animation)10-27-10
Very interesting UI feature
Posted By: Dredlok
This looks very interesting, the animation is beautiful and would be a great design feature for many UI's Will there be any plans to add functions to the orb such as Health/Mana etc or maybe clique could use it to cast something. I would love to be able to build a dps meter or a threat meter into this. I have added it to favourite...
File: VuhDo08-15-09
I had a play around and for some re...
Posted By: Dredlok
I had a play around and for some reason the problem has dissapeared... sorry I dont know how it was solved. I'm guessing some other option from another addon maybe. Anyway thanks for the quick response.
File: VuhDo08-15-09
Self casting in combat
Posted By: Dredlok
Firstly let me say what a wonderful addon, I particulary like the simple and clean options UI. I have set up a right click on the raid frames to cast a healing spell, this works fine out of combat, however as soon as I enter combat any right click on any raid frame casts the spell on myself. I have scoured the options and cannot...
File: Bang! Eclipse 206-06-09
Great Addon, thank you
Posted By: Dredlok
Just trawling through addons for Druids and found this one, loaded up and worked no problem. Looks really usefull, will test it later in raid. :banana:
File: Ion Action Bars05-25-09
Vehicle bars not funtioning since the last patch
Posted By: Dredlok
When entering a vehicle first boss in Ulduar all I get is aim up/down and exit buttons. I have tried all manner of options but cannot get any of the vehicle controls up. At the minute I am having to log out and disable macaroon to do this boss. Aby ideas what the problem could be?
File: CompactBars03-31-09
Originally posted by Eggi Press E...
Posted By: Dredlok
Originally posted by Eggi Press ESC -> Interface -> Addons -> CompactBars That worked a treat, thank you.
File: CompactBars03-30-09
No config box
Posted By: Dredlok
Hi, and thnaks for producing what looks like a great addon. I have downloaded this today and for the life of me cannot get the config options up, I get the scale on screen so I know its loaded but no amount of trying every possible variation of /compactbars config will bring up the options. I have also searched this site and checke...