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File: Quest Completist v0.9311-27-10
Something I have noticed as well....
Posted By: Digitoxin
Something I have noticed as well. It seems that even though Blizzard removed all of the old quests from the game, when querying the server for quests you have completed, it is still sending back the old IDs. Not sure if this can screw anything up when we send you our zone data.
File: Quest Completist v0.9311-25-10
It might be cleaner to assume all o...
Posted By: Digitoxin
It might be cleaner to assume all of the pre-cataclysm old world quests were removed and start fresh instead of leaving them in and removing them as you find out they do not exist anymore. Keep up the good work. This is becoming an excellent add-on.
File: Quest Completist v0.9311-18-10
Great addon. One thing it needs is...
Posted By: Digitoxin
Great addon. One thing it needs is the ability to filter out completed quests and sort and group quests by type (Daily, Repeatable, Etc.)
File: TomTom12-10-09
Position of coordinates on the map screen
Posted By: Digitoxin
It would be really great if there was an option to adjust the position of the coordinates on the map screen. They are currently overlapping with the button the Gatherer addon places on the map screen.
File: Atlas10-15-08
Atlas 1.12.2 does not work properly with the new Set Focus feature
Posted By: Digitoxin
After opening the Atlas window once in the game, if I try to use the new Set Focus feature in WOW, I get the following message. Atlas has been blocked from an action only available to the Blizzard UI. You can disable this addon and reload the UI. I get the options to Disable or Ignore. If I click Ignore, the message goes away b...