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File: MayronUI Gen505-18-13
Missing pet bar?
Posted By: Griezz
Where is the pet status bar? I'm not talking about the pet command bar, with "Attack", "Passive" and all that; I know that is along the top of the screen and appears via mouse-over. I mean the bars for the pet's health, mana and such. I'm not seeing it anywhere on the screen; is there something I have to activate for it to appear? Wh...
File: MayronUI Gen505-04-13
Missing tracking?
Posted By: Griezz
With the default UI, if you right-click on the minimap or click on the Tracking icon around the minimap, you can choose tracking items, whether it's finding the nearest FP or (de)activating your "Find Herbs/Minerals/etc." option. however, with your UI activated, I can't find the tracking option anywhere. Is there someplace specific I...
File: MayronUI Gen505-01-13
Cannot load UI
Posted By: Griezz
So I download the UI, copying it to the specified areas. I log in to a lowbie toon (lvl 5) and everything comes up exactly like it is supposed to. I exit WoW and install a few more addons (Auctionator, Ackis, LilSparky, a few others). I relog back into WoW, this time on a maxed toon... Interface is complete garbage. A few optio...