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File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-08-13
Role icons
Posted By: Emy
Zork, Is there a way I can make the role icons on the raid frames a little larger? I'm now getting a little old, I seem to find it had to see them... Danke!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-06-13
Re: Re: Orb colours
Posted By: Emy
Emy. is right on the info page under the topic "orb config". See - said it was probably me being dim :D *blush*
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-06-13
Orb colours
Posted By: Emy
I may just be being dim, but I can't find where to make the health bars class coloured again, or rather I have --color is in RGB (red (r), green (g), blue (b), alpha (a)), values are from 0 (dark color) to 1 (bright color). 1,1,1 = white / 0,0,0 = black / 1,0,0 = red etc cfg.colorswitcher = { bright = { r = 1,...
File: Bimbo09-01-12
Thank you!
Posted By: Emy
That's all :)
File: Tabard-O-Matic12-03-11
Line 35
Posted By: Emy
In case anyone is still confused / nervous about this line, it's: --if TOC_Version >= 30400 then self:SecureHook("PaperDollFrameItemFlyout_DisplayButton", "FlyoutUpdateItems") --end Just add the -- in front of self. :)
File: HunterAnnouncer04-28-11
Posted By: Emy
Any ideas why it has stopped announcing for me as of 4.1? I really miss it! :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-06-11
Re: Re: New oUF
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by zork No clue what you did. I'm testing oUF 1.5.6 atm. No problems. Lol ok - Will try again today!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-05-11
New oUF
Posted By: Emy
Hiya, Just a headsup that the new release of oUF isn't playing nice with Diablo :( It's just no showing any of the unit frames at all - it switched them back to the default UF which is yuck. Rolling back my oUF version until you say it's working :)
File: dMinimap 311-18-10
Can you point me at the bit in the...
Posted By: Emy
Can you point me at the bit in the code that lets me have a circular minimap, or do I still have to use version2?
File: OPie11-11-10
Originally posted by nytekat why...
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by nytekat why do some of my traps not show? I put them in and then they grey out and won't show up in the ring... snake trap and trap launcher are the only 2 that works. MM spec'ed atm I don't know the whys, but traps in general are bugged at the moment, except Snake Trap, so I suspect it is to do with that...
File: Power Bars10-31-10
Hiya, I like the looks of this, but...
Posted By: Emy
Hiya, I like the looks of this, but can't make it show on my warlock - and when I look on my addons list, it's not listed... Odd :(
File: DinnerBell07-01-10
Posted By: Emy
Not sure if it is just me, but noticed that it is not currently functioning in raids for me since the patch :(
File: Target For Me04-25-10
Update: Delete and reinstall worked...
Posted By: Emy
Update: Delete and reinstall worked and it's now playing ball again. Thanks :)
File: Target For Me03-27-10
Not sure why, but this seems to hav...
Posted By: Emy
Not sure why, but this seems to have stopped updating for me in 3.3.3... Bloody frustrating!
File: Realm Status10-22-09
Re: Re: EU version?
Posted By: Emy
Seconded a request for EU servers. Originally posted by Ceromus I will give it a shot. Are the EU servers currently down right this second They are... /sigh Blasted emergency maintenance :(
File: QuestClicks08-11-09
Re: Version 1.17
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by Dhar Yes the buttons are created. However clicking on them does nothing. I have the same problem :S
File: Perfect Hit05-28-09
Originally posted by globus Only...
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by globus Only for caster for this version. I don't play non caster class and so I don't know well how their hit mecanisms work. I may consider extend this addon to others classes if I have time and if several people are interested. In a first step I prefer to track bug one the first release and so I'm waiting fo...
File: CrowBar04-15-09
Just edit the lua file to 300 inste...
Posted By: Emy
Just edit the lua file to 300 instead of 2xx - it still works perfectly :)