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File: Roth UI (Diablo)04-28-11
Has anyone noticed issues with the...
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Has anyone noticed issues with the casting bar not showing up? My target cast bar and focus cast bar both work fine, but my player cast bar is literally nowhere to be found. I can't seem to reset it or find it anywhere.
File: oUF_Diablo01-22-11
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Do you have any plans to add code for the Boss (or Arena for that matter) frames to display using the same format as Party? Currently they display with Blizzard standard frames.
File: nibPointDisplay01-04-11
Re: Re: Frost Mage Addition
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Suppose that could have been useful information yesterday, sorry. Anyway, it's 44544.
File: nibPointDisplay01-03-11
Frost Mage Addition
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I picked your addon up since it saved me the time of doing exactly what I was going to do while leveling my arcane mage. Now I'm playing a bit as frost and have found that a 2-point system for Fingers of Frost buff stacks would be equally beneficial. I was going to add it in myself but figured others could benefit from having it as...
File: oUF_Diablo12-21-10
Mod Thoughts
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I decided to give your mod a shot a few days ago. So far I'm enjoying it. The overall design is pretty smooth, and the options aren't too bad to customize. A GUI for customizing would definitely help and largely increase both usability and popularity of the addon though. A few options weren't as straight forward as others, like...
File: CTMod10-15-08
Re: 3.0
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The current version on all files should be 3.0 (or 3.001 on a few that required fixes today). I'm fairly certain the 3.0 versions are all updated on both WoWI and the CTMod.net website. There was a brief period where some of the versions on the CTMod.net site weren't showing updated, but that 'should' be fixed. CT_RaidAssist h...
File: CT_MailMod10-15-08
Originally posted by jinleileiking...
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Originally posted by jinleileiking Is this addon out-dated? No, everything is up to date and working for patch 3.0 (and WotLK). A few of the files weren't flagged as updated for WotLK but Cairenn was able to fix that for me.
File: CT_Buffmod (3.008)10-15-08
CT_BuffMod has actually been a stan...
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CT_BuffMod has actually been a standalone mod for quite some time, it was just never really posted separately. Actually, all CT mods are 'modular' now, in that none of them require CT_Core as a dependancy, and all are usable separately or integrate with it if it is enabled.
File: CTMod08-24-08
Versions here hadn't been updated i...
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Versions here hadn't been updated in a while. I didn't know I had access to update them until today, so I deleted a few outdated ones and updated a few others. It's mostly just a few fixes that were made available the day after the patch was out, but never got updated here.
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic11-13-06
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Does the new version have better prioritiies than the live version? I haven't had time to test or check yet, but I had to modify the live version to use summoned food first, and it still had issues when cinnamon rolls were added.
File: TTCraftAddict03-28-06
Any plans to implenent a way to lis...
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Any plans to implenent a way to list fewer sub-combines? Primarily for leather working, it's rather useless to show that a pair of Devilsaur Leggings take 64,000 ruined leather scraps. Easy solution is to just make it ignore leather types for listing sub-combines, which would work perfectly fine.
File: Drathal's HUD01-22-06
Just a small change I'd recommend....
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Just a small change I'd recommend. If you summon a pet, then dismiss it, you get stuck with 0 values showing for health and mana; I'd hide those when no pet is present. Edit: After playing around with it a bit more, there's a few other quirks. I do like it though, for the most part it's rather smooth. However target's mana/rag...
File: TTCraftAddict10-10-05
Not sure if you're still updating i...
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Not sure if you're still updating it, but if so, I found a small error last night you may want to fix up. TTCraftAddict.lua:981: Invalid trade skill item in SetTradeSkillItem(index ) Happened when mousing over items in the materials frame.