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File: SuperVillain UI08-18-15
Text layout issues
Posted By: greenskye
Liking the new update, just a few issues. 1. The auction house search bar overlaps your search text: http://i.imgur.com/KVeMZEh.jpg 2. The currently tracked quest frame border doesn't expand properly: http://i.imgur.com/yDogpc8.jpg 3. I have no plans to use fight-o-matic, but when I enabled it, it was acting strangely. It...
File: SuperVillain UI08-15-15
Overlapping text in Quest tracker
Posted By: greenskye
I'm getting a lot of overlapping text in my quest tracker. http://i.imgur.com/fCiolqM.jpg Is there a setting to fix this? Also there's a lot of wonkiness going on with chat windows for me. I've tried to add several chat windows to the dock, but they seem to randomly disappear or stop showing up. And when they do, they're often...
File: Livestock10-30-08
Very Nice Mod, has greatly helped m...
Posted By: greenskye
Very Nice Mod, has greatly helped me show off some different mounts! One suggestion tho, with the recent additions of Achievements that require many different mounts (50 to get Albino Drake, I think) Would it be possible to have a "Black List"? Currently we can only exclude non-epic mounts from the Random Mount feature, but wo...