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File: OrkoUI06-15-10
Multiple Accounts
Posted By: SveaExzira
Love this UI. I use your UI, heavily mod'd. But I cant live with out it :o I have Several Accounts and cant figure out how to get it to work with another account. I was wondering if anyone knew?
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)04-21-10
Posted By: SveaExzira
I just changed from using icehud to stFU for my uf as a healer. I am really loving it. For a long time a hud was a must for me to makre sure i didnt forget about my own health. My only problem is I cant figure out how to change the bars color. they are always grey. Its a little hard to see tell the diffrence between my targets he...
File: IceHUD03-24-10
Posted By: SveaExzira
Thank you so much for updating this! I can live with the rivet bars forever as long as I have Icehud working. I have come to rely on it so much while healing as a healadin. Everything I in the middle of my screen where I need it. It makes watching the tank and my mana/hp so much easier! I do have a question tho, when I cast, I st...