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File: Prat 3.006-25-10
Yay! for the return of EditBox
Posted By: Narune
Thanks very much for the fast update. It is much appreciated. I noticed with the new EditBox module that the Background Texture seems to be drawn above the level of the text in the edit box, so that if I have an opaque black background texture the text is completely covered and impossible to see. Would it be possible to have the...
File: FlyCandy06-09-10
I have a friend that plays WoW on a...
Posted By: Narune
I have a friend that plays WoW on a 15 inch laptop and she recently started raiding. She was looking for a mod that would allow her to toggle the name tags off when in a raid to reduce all the clutter. I know there used to be a mod to do this, but it seems to be out of development. It looks like FLyCandy could do this with a lit...
File: BattleCry_Fanupdate04-16-10
Missing this
Posted By: Narune
I miss this add-on a lot. Does anyone know of another similar add-on that is currently in development? I started playin gon a RP server again, and SO wish this worked.
File: Reagent Restocker10-12-09
With the 20091012 update my fps dro...
Posted By: Narune
With the 20091012 update my fps drop down to 5-7 while I normally run about 60. As soon as I unload Reagent Restocker it goes back to normal. It is fine with the previous version. Just thought I'd give you a heads up.
File: Reagent Restocker10-05-09
Sorry about the trouble getting per...
Posted By: Narune
Sorry about the trouble getting permission to use the code CoabrA1. That would have made things much easier. I'm happy the project will be continued/restarted. Thank you for the hard work you are putting in. Please keep us posted on your progress, and let us know where we'll be able to find the new one. I am looking forward to it.
File: RecipeKnown11-07-08
Is there any plan to update this fo...
Posted By: Narune
Is there any plan to update this for WoW 3.0? I miss this mod SO much.
File: Blazing Saddles11-07-08
I can't seem to get it to mountrand...
Posted By: Narune
I can't seem to get it to mountrandom in a nonflying locale I've tired a bunch of variations, but nothing seems to happen when I'm in a non flying locale. If someone has a working macro please post. I just want it to choose a random mount where ever I am. Land mount when necessary.