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File: LUI v307-19-09
Death Knight Rune bar.
Posted By: kirmih
I cant seem to find where you put the runebar... doesn't seem to be in the addons folder and I cant find the PlayerFrame to delete to make it go away.. Where'd ya put it?... LOVE the interface by the way.
File: Nonce02-23-09
Slang aside. I really really lik...
Posted By: kirmih
Slang aside. I really really like the idea of this addon. My only question is, does it only show upon a key stroke or does it stay on all the time? While some may find it a bit obnoxious, I'd like to design a whole UI around these textures.
File: DKHelper01-19-09
Great idea!
Posted By: kirmih
Nice, slick, and very appealing. My only complaint is that there is no option to remove the default rune set from the player name plate.